Article link: Federal official pledges support for city grant bid

Photo credit: Kris Svela

Elliot Lake Today link: Federal official pledges support for city grant bid

Mendicino, along with Chike Agbasi, the federal policy and regional advisor for Ontario on infrastructure matters, held an almost two-hour press conference at city hall, outlining the federal government’s $180 billion, 12-year infrastructure funding plan. Under the plan, municipalities can apply for federal funding for infrastructure projects. Approved projects could get 33 per cent funding from the province matched with 44 per cent funding from the federal government with the municipality matching the remaining cost.

The stumbling block, according to Mendicino, Elliot Lake mayor Dan Marchisella and several councillors attending the afternoon meeting, is that the provincial government has yet to announce how applications will be made from municipalities. The funding program is expected to be announced in the fall.

“Right now, the big message I’ve heard from mayors across the province is we need Ontario to step up,” Mendicino said.  “We need Ontario, the Premier, to open up those (funding) streams so we can access those historic (investment) dollars We’re using these tours to drive that cooperation.”